About us.

Expertise meets passion.

Product and Media Fulfilment is People Business There is no substitute for human values here....

Empathy and ingenuity, creativity and flexibility. Short reaction times and communication paths. Empathetic, committed contact persons who are passionate about your project. And - to ensure the happy ending - care and meticulousness right up to the final quality control. These values are deeply rooted in our DNA. They make us what we are for you: The creative product developer who brings empathy, ingenuity and commitment to the table. The pragmatic service provider with a focus on premium manufacturers who always keeps your goals and budget in mind. The designer, producer, e-shop operator, packaging technician, logistics specialist and quality manager. And if something does go wrong, our open error culture and complaints management ensure that customer satisfaction is increased.

Facts and Figures.

  • Established in 1921
  • 26 Teamplayer
  • 580 Business clients
  • 31.000 Consumers
  • 1.500 Special projects per year

Our clientele is diverse.

From medium-sized businesses to global players. From mechanical engineering to institutions. From insurance to automotive. Clients from a broad cross-section of industries place their trust in us. We will be happy to provide references and examples on request.

Our strength.
More meets value.

More digitalisation:

Good bye promotion media catalogue! Digital transformation for us began in 1998 - with the set up and administration of the first customer e-shop. Today we are many “Terabyte” ahead. With the use of big data analytics and artificial intelligence, we optimise processes and tailor our services even more individually for our customers.

More Security:

Through our ISO-certified quality and environmental management. It includes the full range of services for promotional products, retail articles and accompanying services - an area that will become increasingly important in the future.

More time saving:

We understand you without many words and long meetings. This saves you a lot of time. Test us: Just drop your briefing or rough idea off with us and then concentrate on your core tasks. You will be more than positively surprised by the result of our work.

More Quality:

Through durable, sustainable products and media fulfilment in perfection.

More Experience:

One becomes wise by experience. We bring around 100 years of promotional products experience and service expertise to the table. Who offers more?

Tradition meets innovation

Scholz has been successful on the market for over 100 years. The constant in an industry that is constantly changing and characterised by a constant coming and going. Our formula for success: We regularly reinvent the Scholz brand, thereby repeatedly setting benchmarks and constantly keeping our finger on the pulse.

Company History:

From a commercial agency for print and packaging products to a professional agency for Product and Media Fulfilment.