Design Center.

More Innovation

Good design is innovative, aesthetic, honest, durable and environmentally friendly.

Technological development and the increasing availability of sustainable materials also inspire our designers time and again to create pioneering product concepts. For us, successful product development includes a complete package of trend scouting, conception, illustration, design thinking, 3D visualisation, CAD development, prototyping and packaging solutions. As a team, we develop unique and innovative ideas in design, function and product construction tailor-made for you.

Looking for unique give-aways?

Before starting production, even before creating a physical model, we can digitally visualise your desired item using photo realistic renderings.

Step 1

Sketches, renderings, initial ideas and conception

Step 2

Creation of surface data for near-series prototypes

Step 3

Photo realistic product visualisation, digital prototyping with Keyshot 3D

Sustainable give-aways

Disposable articles and superficial aha experiences are out!

Sustainable products and ideas, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly established and are in line with the zeitgeist. We accompany the development of innovative, new materials and their transformation into sustainable product solutions. Together with our clients, we develop and produce distinctive upcycled articles or unique items from existing articles or recycled materials.