Product Fulfillment.

More Service.

Save time with promotional products professionals.

You don't have much time and would like some relief when it comes to advertising materials? This is where our product fulfillment comes into play, our full service for promotional products, employee gifts, advertising ideas and more. We manage the entire value chain for you. With creativity, competence, experience and digital tools. Consulting, product procurement, production processing, assembly, worldwide logistics and controlling - all from a single source. And what we don't find, we invent for you: Individual products and packaging, from unique one-off masters to complete product series which incite desire.


The direct way to your desired give-away.

Trust us as an all-rounder who understands you without many words. With whom you simply "throw off" your briefing or your rough idea so that you can then concentrate 100 per cent on your core competencies. Because you can be sure that your task is in competent hands, solved holistically, thought through in every detail and realised, produced and delivered in compliance with the guidelines. Ergo: You just "push the button", we do the rest!


Scholz Product Fulfilment.

From high-quality promotional items to individual special production.

Individuelle Sonderproduk­tionen. Was wir nicht finden, erfinden wir.

Unser Design Center ist ein kreatives Kraftwerk für die Kreation neuer Produkte, Verpackungen und Artikelserien. Wir vereinen Materialien, Funktion, Veredlung und visuelle Elemente mit Ihrer Corporate Identity.

Trendscouting. So kommt das Neue zu Ihnen.

Wir sind global vernetzt und in ständigem Austausch mit Partnern, Zukunftsforschern, Werkstoffwissenschaftlern und innovativen Start-ups in den Bereichen Produktion, Dienstleistungen und Services.

Digitale Prozessabwick­lung. Mit uns zu optimalen digitalen und logistischen Prozessen.

Wir beraten und begleiten Sie bei der Optimierung von Geschäftsprozessen im Bereich Media Fulfillment, E-Commerce, E-Shop und Kampagnensteuerung, sowie den begleitenden Logistikleistungen.

Einkaufspooling. Einkaufsvorteile gesucht?

Profitieren Sie von der Möglichkeit, Ihre Bedarfe zu bündeln. Erleben Sie unsere digitalen Tools zur Kostenoptimierung gepaart mit unserer Beratungskompetenz. Steigern Sie Ihre Effizienz und Qualität entlang der Lieferkette.

Worldwide Logistics. Part of our standard service

Packing, individual packaging, storage, scheduling and shipping to the EU and third countries - we cover the entire supply chain for you. Our ISO-certified product management takes care of conformities and document provision, as well as smooth export and shipping processing.

Any Questions? Any wishes? Contact us!

You are interested in promotional media production or in a product development? You are looking for an expert for the processing of a complex service?
You are planning the cooperation with a Full-Service Provider and would like to invite us to a pitch or you are simply curious to know who we are and how we work?

Here is where you can easily get in touch with us and transfer your briefing and further documents.